Resources - Operation Wallacea


One of the most difficult tasks is choosing an appropriate topic and formulating the final wording for an IRP.  Titles can vary from being very specific to tackling much wider issues, but where possible they need to have a close connection to the research being carried out at their expedition site.

There are a number of Opwall resources which will help in this process although the final title will be the responsibility of the student(s) involved.

  • Research Topic Database: One of the key features of all of these essays or projects is that you have to choose your own research question, but it is often difficult to find out exactly what is happening at each Opwall research site. To help in this we have produced a research lookup database. The database lets you find out what is happening at each site and there are links to relevant pages on the Opwall website. The information in the database is largely correct for 2016/17 although there will be changes and additions. Information for this table has been gathered from the schools’ brochure, school country booklets, the university brochure and dissertation web pages.
  • WRL – Wallace Resource Library: This extensive resource contains many datasets based around the research being carried out worldwide and it has been prepared by the actual Opwall scientists involved.  It is a very valuable source of ideas with comprehensive datasets to look at and study. Also, on request you can obtain past-data sets for each country once you have narrowed down your IRP title.
  • Opwall Research Library: This area of the Opwall website contains a comprehensive collection of publications for the research being carried out across Opwall research sites.  Not only is it a great source of ideas but also a valuable place to find relevant scientific papers to back up your research.