Feedback from School Groups - Operation Wallacea

Feedback from School Groups

A small selection of the feedback from Operation Wallacea students and teachers.


Classroom learning pales in comparison to spending a week aboard a research vessel helping to gather data on marine ecology and biodiversity
Lucas Sorbara, Toronto Waldorf School, Canada; Teacher, Cuba Expedition

Opwall’s Cuba project is a fantastic learning opportunity and life experience for young people interested in life sciences and marine biology. It is made possible by a highly motivated group of staff from field leaders from all around the world to local experts.
Matt Wilkes, Lancing College, UK; Teacher, Cuba Expedition

Brilliant experience! Learnt loads about marine life and conservation.
Lauren Goldsworthy,  Redruth School, UK; Student, Cuba Expedition

A wonderful place that will inspire you
Jack Taylor, Lancing College UK; Student, Cuba Expedition


First class scientific staff who were very enthusiastic and interactive with the students. I know that all of our students will have taken away a great deal from the expedition, especially field science in action, but also from the local guides and boatmen and women from Surama.
Stan Lampard, King Edwards VI School for Boys, UK; Teacher, Guyana Expedition

Really impressed at every stage. The science programme was of the highest quality. I was really inspired by the knowledge and skills of the supervisors and the thoroughness of the organisation. It couldn’t have better – I loved every second and can’t wait to come back.
Sahil Deepak, King Edwards VI School for Boys, UK; Student, Guyana Expedition


High School students side by side with top biodiversity researchers participating in critical research, helping find endemic species, quantifying carbon content in the tropical forest…truly awesome opportunity!
Dean Birdsall, Litchfield High School, US; Teacher, Honduras Expedition

Intellectually, physically and emotionally challenging – but a fantastic opportunity to learn real science (and geography) in fantastic places. It was great to see our students growing as a team and learning to get on with people from other countries and cultures. Thank you!
Simon Smith, Littlehampton Academy, UK; Teacher, Honduras Expedition

A gritty and challenging experience full of fantastic opportunities, both on a personal level and an educational one. What an outstanding natural environment to work side by side with cutting edge scientists in the field on a wide range of current biodiversity issues.
Michael Goves, Wellington College, UK; Teacher, Honduras Expedition


An amazing experience that exceeded my expectations. I learnt a lot which will be invaluable in my teaching of biology
Gill King, Sacred Heart College, Perth, Australia; Teacher, Indonesia Expedition

A wonderful hands-on, educational experience in paradise
Sofia Anderson, Norfolk Collegiate, USA; Student, Indonesia Expedition

Excellent – a great experience of scientific research up close. Hands on science in the wild.
Sarah Jackson, Kings of Wessex,UK; Teacher, Indonesia Expedition

Once in a lifetime experience for young people in terms of education but also cultural experience.
Alison Pinkney, Hessle High School, UK; Teacher, Indonesia Expedition

An extremely enjoyable experience. Everyone was so nice and the lectures were so informative and fun, I would love to come again!
Harsha Daswani, St Andrews International School, Bangkok; Student, Indonesia Expedition


Really good teaching and lectures, staff very passionate and know their field. Amazing experience, learned something every day.
Holly Williams, Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College, UK; Student, Madagascar Expedition

Excellent experience and learned lots from tremendously knowledgeable staff. Loved how passionate the staff were about their research.
Suzan Loose, Jersey College for Girls, UK; Teacher, Madagascar Expedition

The activities you can get involved in are so diverse there’s something for everyone. Everyday is different, impossible to get bored.
Lauren Wright, Peter Symonds College, UK; Student, Madagascar Expedition

An excellent place and opportunity to gain hands on experience in scientific skills, but also changes the students’ perception on life.
Nadine Payne, Bury St Edmunds County Upper School; Teacher, Madagascar Expedition

Madagascar is an amazing place and without Operation Wallacea I would never have come here. It has taught me so much about conservation and the endemic species and I have been enjoying the adventurous atmosphere at lot. It was incredible!
Laura Bramwell, Bury St Edmunds County Upper School, UK; Student, Madagascar Expedition


A life changing experience, wouldn´t have missed it for the world. Would definitely come back, fantastic staff, totally amazing!
Helena Prosser, Royal Wolverhampton School, UK; Teacher, Mexico Expedition

A stunning experience- perfect for A level Skills for Geography
Cerys Cadwallader, Royal Wolverhampton School, UK; Teacher, Mexico Expedition

An exceptional opportunity to complete a really useful and unique experience. Super impressed and definitely keen for another trip!
Maryce Montoya, Skinners School, UK; Teacher, Mexico Expedition

I had an amazing time and the staff were so enthusiastic and motivational. There is no way to sum up my time here which could truly capture my experience. You just have to come and do it yourself!
Aimee Sophia Moretti, Greenfaulds High, UK; Student, Mexico Expedition

Your students will work side by side with real scientists contributing to scientific data is an invaluable and irreplaceable experience for high schools!
Tina Lanter-Skokan, Lincoln High School, US; Teacher, Mexico Expedition


An experience in a wilderness classroom with incredible science (biological/conservation) access is something money cannot buy. For many a life-changing experience and a new educational path to follow. Thanks again!!
Grant Elliot, Coburg DCI (East), Canada; Teacher, Peru Expedition

I highly recommend this Opwall program for anyone interested in biology, animals, the environment or a grand adventure. Amazing staff, surveys and sun
Ilana Steinberg, Toronto Waldorf School, Canada; Teacher, Peru Expedition

Exceptional experience for students (& staff) to share, an opportunity not to be missed, memories that will last forever & an education that can be shared with others back home
Yvonne Connolly, Glyn School, UK; Teacher, Peru Expedition

Opwall has given me a completely unforgettable experience. It was amazing to be part of something so important for conservation
Emily Hadder, Aylesbury High School, UK; Studnet, Peru Expedition

South Africa

Outstanding! I have had the time of my life. Academic content was great – I have learnt a great deal and hungry for more… if you get the opportunity you should grab it! It is truly a life changing experience. Fantastic!
Bob Gerrard, Newcastle under Lyme college, UK; Teacher, South Africa Expedition

Life changing experience, I see the world with completely new eyes!
Olivia Teghararian, Kungusholmens Gymnasium, Sweden; Student, South Africa Expedition

I have learnt more in the past week than I have in years, the guides had a wealth of information and knowledge about every aspect of the experience. A truly amazing experience in an area of stunning beauty and majesty.
Joanne Bandurak, South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy, UK; Teacher, South Africa Expedition

I thoroughly recommend Opwall expeditions. The trip to South Africa proved to be an amazing experience, educational and enjoyable!
Maxine Lucas, Casterton School , UK; Principal, South Africa Expedition