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PhD Studentships

Operation Wallacea has already supported or is currently supporting by provision of part studentships a total of 50 Ph.D. students.

Please click here to see completed PhD’s and here to see current PhD’s.

PhD Student Field Research Grants
Operation Wallacea runs a yearly grant programme for PhD students. The grants are available to PhD students registered at an academic institution. It is intended to allow that student to come to our sites and conduct their own research projects for 4 to 8 weeks each summer for multiple years if required. The research project must fit within the themed research programme for the site, allow for participation by Operation Wallacea volunteers and be between June and August each year.

The outputs for the grant are required to have a conservation application, either through understanding biodiversity, ecological models and theories or research into establishing sustainable industries in local communities.

The grant will include a flight allowance, accommodation, food, diving if required, use of vehicles and boats, medical and evacuation insurance and basic scientific equipment for the period of the field work. The number of grants issued each year depends on the strengths of each application. Applications should be no more than six pages and include details of the methodology, a time frame for research in each year, details of supervision and academic support and a breakdown of any equipment requirements. The project is intended to produce academic and conservation orientated outputs and these should also be included in the application. Resumes of all associated academics should also be included.

The deadlines for applications are February 19th and September 10th with decisions made within 3 weeks after these dates. If you wish to submit a grant, discuss potential grant applications or require more information on any of the sites and potential research areas please email

Co-funded PhD positions
Operation Wallacea is willing, if the PhD is of major research interest to the site, to co-fund Ph.D. grant applications to large funding bodies such as Research Councils, in particular acting as the industrial partner in CASE grants. The academic applying for the grant will be the Principal Supervisor for the PhD position and Operation Wallacea will provide a co-supervisor with experience of the subject and working at the site. If you wish to discuss potential grant applications or require more information on any of the sites and potential research areas please contact