Academic Team - Operation Wallacea

Academic Team

Operation Wallacea works with specialists in numerous fields from a range of universities and institutions around the world. In total there are more than 200 academics involved in the research programme. A sample of the academics are listed below that have been involved in recent years in the field research programmes, contributing to publications, supervising PhD students who form part of the programme or are involved in data analysis or conservation management outputs from the research.

Section Heads

Professor Dave Smith, University of Essex
Prof Smith is the Director of Environmental Sciences at the School of Biological Sciences at Essex University and is the Director of the Coral Reef Research Unit, a multi-university research organisation based at Essex University. Prof Smith is the Marine Editor for Global Change Biology, is Director of Marine Research for Operation Wallacea and also heads up the Wakatobi Marine research programme. His research team in the Wakatobi have produced close to 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals in the last 10 years across a number of subjects ranging from detailed eco-physiology through to socio-ecological systems and conservation management. . His main research interests are coral reefs and environmental stress including climate change, identification and evaluation of coral reef management solutions, environmental regulation of stress tolerance, socio-ecological resilience, ecosystem connectivity and the importance of reef systems for national food and economic security.

Professor Martin Speight, University of Oxford
Prof Speight is an Associate Professor in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford and is Admissions Coordinator and Outreach & Access Officer for Biological Sciences at Oxford, as well as Senior Fellow and Tutorial Fellow in Biology at St Anne’s College, Oxford. He is also a trustee of the Operation Wallacea Trust. Prof Speight is involved with the science programmes in Honduras and Indonesia, but has also visited OpWall sites in Mexico, South Africa, Mozambique and Peru as a research advisor. His main research interests include reef ecology, tropical marine reserve establishment and impacts, coastal zone ecology and management, forest insect biodiversity and habitat change. Prof Speight is the author of undergraduate text books on insect ecology, tropical pest management and marine ecology.

Dr Kathy Slater, Operation Wallacea
Dr Kathy Slater is a primate researcher based in Mexico and has previously been a lecturer in the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology at John Moores University, Liverpool. Dr Slater runs the Opwall primate research programme in Honduras and provides dissertation support to those undertaking projects with Operation Wallacea. Her main research interests are in spider monkeys and howler monkeys.

Dr Richard Field, University of Nottingham
Dr Field is Associate Professor in the School of Geography at the University of Nottingham and is the Senior Scientist for the Cusuco National Park research programme in Honduras. His main research interests include modelling and prediction of patterns of tree species richness in southern Africa and globally, conservation and biodiversity research in the tropical forests of Honduras, the ecology of an invasive oak tree species (Quercus cerris L.) within Britain and island biogeography and community structure on Krakatau, Indonesia.

Dr Peter Long, University of Oxford
Dr Long is the Senior Scientist for the Madagascar surveys and has also been the Assistant Senior Scientist on the Cusuco National Park research programme in Honduras. He has been responsible for developing the database and analysis of the long term changes in biodiversity of the Cusuco National Park. His main research interests include the genetic landscape of birds living in the wetlands of Madagascar.

Dr Phil Wheeler, University of Hull
Dr Wheeler is a Lecturer at the Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences at the University of Hull. Dr Wheeler heads up the Opwall Lambusango forest research programme in Indonesia. His main research interests include identifying factors that govern population densities, and range limits and distributions, and how interactions with people affect these range limits and distributions. His research is based on linking observational monitoring data from the field to human and environmental variables across wide spatial scales using Geographic Information Systems.

Dr Samy Zalat, BioMap Egypt
Dr Zalat is the National Project Co-ordinator for the Egyptian biodiversity mapping project (BioMap) and leads the team that is collating all the species records for fauna and flora in Egypt to produce distributional atlases and identify information gaps in the knowledge of Egyptian biodiversity. Dr Zalat heads up the Opwall Egyptian research programme. He also leads Conservation Egypt the NGO formed to involve Egyptian students in helping with biodiversity atlasing projects.

Dr Richard Bodmer, University of Kent
Dr Bodmer is a Reader in Conservation Ecology at the University of Kent and heads up the Opwall Amazonian research projects in Peru. His main research interests include the diversity of tropical mammals, the ecology of Amazonian mammals, sustainability of hunting in the tropics and community-based conservation. Dr Bodmer is President of the Peruvian foundation, FundAmazonia, and General Manager of the Peruvian company, AmazonEco, that operates the ships used in the research programme.

Professor Jorge Angulo Valdes, University of Havana
Professor Angulo is head of the Marine Investigations Centre at the University of Havana and heads up the Op Wall marine research programme in Cuba. Professor Angulo’s main research interests include marine fish ecology and fisheries management, manatee ecology and conservation management of turtles.

Participating Academics

Conservation Management Scientists

Dr Julian Clifton – University of Western Australia

Tom Avent – Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust, UK

Dr Angela Benson – University of Brighton, UK

Dr Richard Bodmer – University of Kent, UK

Dr Keri Brondo – University of Memphis, USA

Dr Alice Eldridge – University of Sussex, UK

Barry Ferguson, University of East Anglia, UK

Dr Jeri Fox – University of New England, USA

Chris Majors – Operation Wallacea, Indonesia

Dr Ruth Malleson – Social and Economic Consultant, UK

Professor Aubrey Manning – University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr Wanda McCormick – Moulton College, UK

Dr Zhiming Niu – Asian Development Bank, China

Dr Bob Payne – Lakehead University, Canada

Dr Mika Peck – University of Sussex, UK

Dr Richard Phillips – University of Liverpool, UK

Dr Sarah Pilgrim – University of Essex, UK

Dr Edi Purwanto, Tropenbos, Indonesia

Dr Ali Reza – Delta State University, USA

Dr Selina Stead – Newcastle University, UK

Prof Ian Swingland – Operation Wallacea Trust, UK

Dr Chui Ling Tam – Calgary University, Canada

Dr Raquel Thomas – Iwokrama Rainforest Research Centre, Guyana

Helen Tedds – Moulton College, UK

Dr Katharine Vincent – University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Roger Wardle – Consultant on agri-environmental schemes, UK

Dr Atiek Widayati – Northumbria University, UK

Dr Tony Whitten – Flora and Fauna International, UK

Dr Graham Wragg, Nambu Conservation Trust

Dr Kathy Velander – Napier University, UK


Genetics, Oceanography and Geology Scientists

Dr Kim Hunter – Salisbury University, USA

Sylvie Bardin – University of Ontario institute of Technology, Canada

Dr Stephen Burrows – Clark University, USA

Dr Greg Cowie – University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr Alan Dykes – Kingston University, UK

Dr Leanne Hepburn – University of Essex, UK

Dr Tom Horton – SUNY ESF, USA

Dr Ben Horton – Upenn, USA

Dr Richard Hunter – Salisbury University, USA

Dr John Milsom – University College London, UK

Dr Mark Tibbett – University of West Australia

Dr Cathy Walton – University of Manchester, UK

Dr Moyra Wilson – Curtin University, Australia

Dr Sam Rastrick – University of Southampton

Dr Gerd Winterleitner – Royal Holloway, University of London, UK


Invertebrate (terrestrial and freshwater) specialists

Professor Martin Speight – University of Oxford, UK

Dr George Beccaloni – Natural History Museum London, UK

Dr Sarah Beynon – University of Oxford, UK

Dr Moya Burns, Operation Wallacea UK

Dr Patricia Chow-Fraser – McMaster University, Canada

Professor James Cook – University of Reading, UK

Michael Geiser – Natural History Museum London, UK

Dr Francis Gilbert – University of Nottingham, UK

Andy Godfrey – Consultant Entomologist, UK

Dr Sammy de Grave – Oxford Natural History Museum, UK

Dr Neal Haddaway – Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Dr Ian Hardy – University of Nottingham, UK

Dr Merlijn Jocque – University of Leuven, Belgium

Dr Mary Kelly-Quinn – University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Stuart Longhorn – NUI Maynooth, Ireland

Dr Kenneth McCravy – Western Illinois University, USA

Dr Olivia Norfolk- University of Nottingham, UK

Dr José Nuñez-Mino – Bat Conservation Trust, UK

Dr Paul O’Callaghan – University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Mary Kelly-Quinn – University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Graham Rotheray – National Museum of Scotland, UK

Dr Simon Segar – University of Reading, UK

Dr Jo-Anne Sewlal – University of the West Indies

Dr Sergiu Torok – Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

Dr Roy Wiles – University of Glamorgan, UK

Dr Keith Willmott – Florida Museum of Natural History, USA



Dr Tom Martin – University of Hull, UK

Dr Jake Bicknell – DICE, University of Kent, UK

Dr Alan Blackburn – University of Lancaster, UK

Dr Robin Brace – University of Nottingham, UK

Dr Jedediah Brodie, University of British Columbia, Canada

Dr Simon Butler – University of Reading, UK

Dr Bruce Byers – Umass Amherst, USA

Dr Hannah Clarke – University of Dundee, UK

Dr Nico Dauphine – University of Georgia, Athens, USA

Dr Nicola Goodship – Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust, UK

Dr Claus Holzapfel, Rutgers, Newark College of Arts and Sciences, USA

Dr Martin Jones – Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Dr Dave Kelly – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Paul Leafe – Montgomeryshire County Recorder, UK

Dr Nicola Marples – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Martin Meads – Sparsholt College, UK

Mark Miller – James Cook University, Australia

Dr Brian O’Shea – North Carolina Natural History Museum, USA

Dr Joel Prashant Jack – Environmental Protection Institute, India

Fabiola Rodriguez  Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras

Dr Eimear Rooney, Queens University Belfast, UK

Wael M Shohdi , Al-Azhar University, Egypt

Cindy Stacier – Dalhousie University, Canada

Matthew White – RSPB, UK

Dr Nurul Winarni – World Conservation Society, Indonesia

Dr Rueven Yosef – Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Israel



Dr Steve Green – Operation Wallacea, UK

Dr Scott Boback – Dickinson College, USA

Dr Heidi Burdett – St Andrews University, UK

Dr Jeff Burkhart – University of La Verne, USA

Tim Colston, University of Mississippi, USA

Dr Jacqualyn Eales – University of Bangor, UK

Julius Frazier – California Polytechnic State University, USA

Dr Graeme Gillespie – University of Melbourne, Australia

Monique Holting – Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt, Germany

Jon Kolby – James Cook University, Australia

Dr Bjorn Lardner – USGS, Guam

Dr Chad Montgomery – Truman State University, USA

Professor Randall Morrison – McDaniel University, USA

Dr Eridani Mulder – Central Queensland University, Australia

Jose Nobrega – Universidad de Aveiro, Portugal

Dr Silviu Petrovan – University of Hull, UK

Dr Bob Reed – USGS, Guam

Stephen Roussos – Texas Tech University, USA

Mariano Suarez – Centro Ecologico Akumal, Mexico


Botany, Plant Sciences and Forestry Specialists

Dr Bruce Carlisle – Northumbria University, UK

Dr Harison Andriambelo – Antananarivo University, Madagascar

Dr Gareth Bruce – Glamorgan University, UK

Dr Lu Cai – Beijing Forestry University, China

Dr Jon Cocking – JCA Ltd, UK

Dr Anke Dietzsche – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Professor Lei Guangchun – Bejing Forestry University, China

Dr Daniel Kelly – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Grace O’Donovan – Independent ecology consultant, UK

Dr Pascale Poussart – Princeton University, USA

Dr Andrew Powling – University of Portsmouth, UK

Dr Andrew Smith – University of Oxford, UK

Dr Sarah Taylor – University of Keele, UK

Dr Peter Thomas – University of Keele, UK

Dr Raquel Thomas – Iwokrama Rainforest Research Centre, Guyana

Dr Clay Trauernicht – University of Hawaii, USA

Caroline Whitefoord – Natural History Museum, UK

Dr Samy Zalat – Nature and Science Foundation for Egypt, Egypt


Marine Scientists

Professor Dave Smith – University of Essex, UK

Dr Gabby Ahmadia – World Wildlife Fund, USA

Prof Jorge Angulo Valdes – University of Havana, Cuba

Dr Arthur Anker – Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France

Dr Dan Bailey – University of Cambridge, UK

Dr Richard Barnes – University of Cambridge, UK

Professor James Bell – Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Dr Wayne Bennett – University of West Florida, USA

Dr Paul Bologna – Montclair State University, USA

Dr Isabelle Cote – Simon Fraser University, Canada

Professor James Crabbe – University of Bedfordshire, UK

Dr Simon Cragg – Portsmouth University, UK

Dr Leanne Cullen – Cardiff University, UK

Dr Jocelyn Curtis-Quick – Cape Eleuthera Institute, Bahamas

Dr John Eme – University of North Texas, USA

Dr Caine Delacy – University of Western Australia, Australia

Dr Teresa Fernandes – Heriot Watt University UK

Dr Andy Gill – Cranfield Institute, UK

Dr Ben Green – Environment Agency, UK

Dr Emma Hayhurst – University of Glamorgan, UK

Dr Ian Hendy – University of Portsmouth, UK

Dr Sebastian Hennige – Heriot Watt University, UK

Dr Jess Jaxion Harm – University of Vienna, Austria

Dr Magnus Johnson – University of Hull, UK

Dr Tim Johnson – University of Glamorgan, UK

Dr Jamal Jompa – COREMAP, Indonesia

Dr James McDonald – Rutgers University, USA

Dr Steve McMellor – University of Aberdeen, UK

Anastasia Miliou – Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, Greece

Dr Ed Morgan – University of Glamorgan, UK

Huma Pearce – Independent bat consultant

Dr Clare Peddie – University of St Andrews, UK

Dr Alan Pinder – Dalhousie University, Canada

Dr Johanna Polsenberg – US House of Representatives, USA

Dr Niamh Quinn – University of Galway, Ireland

Dr Dai Roberts – Queens University Belfast, UK

Professor Alex Rogers – University of Oxford, UK

Dr Pelayo Salinas de Leon – Charles Darwin Foundation, Galapagos, Ecuador

Dr James Saunders – St Andrews University, UK

Dr Patric Scaps – University of Perpignon, France

Dr Jon Shrives – Jersey State Fisheries Department, UK

Dr Edd Stockdale – University of Western Australia, Australia

Dr Dave Suggett – University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Prof Chris Todd – University of St Andrews, UK

Dr Richard Unsworth – Swansea University, UK

Dr Nerida Wilson – Western Australia Museum, Australia

Dr Kyle Young – Universidad de los Lagos, Chile


Mammal Specialists

Dr Kathy Slater – Operation Wallacea, Mexico

Dr Kirsten Bohn – Florida International University, USA

Dr Mark Bowler – St Andrews University, USA

Professor Mike Bruford – University of Cardiff, USA

Jill Carpenter – Independent bat consultant, UK

Dr Ruth Cox – University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Dr Hannah Clarke – University of Dundee, UK

Dr Christian Dietz – University of Tuebingen, Germany

Dr Nigel Dunstone – Natural History New Zealand

Dr Jonathan Flanders – University of Bristol

Dr Ivar Fleur, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Dr Sharon Gursky-Doyen – SUNY Stony Brook, USA

Matthew Hallett – University of Mississipi, USA

Dr Abdul Haris Mustari – IPB, Bogor, Indonesia

Dr Justin Hines – Operation Wallacea, Canada

Andrew Jennings – IUCN/SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group, UK

Jim Jones – Surrey Wildlife Trust, UK

Dr Tigga Kingston – Texas Tech University, USA

Juliet Leadbeater – University of Chester, UK

Dr Burton Lim – Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

Professor Aubrey Manning – University of Edinburgh, UK

Professor Suzanne MacDonald, York University, Canada

Dr Niall McCann – University of Cardiff, UK

Dr Rob Pickles – Panthera, USA

Dr Abigail Phillips – University of Birmingham, UK

Amy Porter, University of California, USA

Dr Nancy Priston – Oxford Brookes University, UK

Professor Ute Radespiel – Hannover Unversity, Germany

Dr Felix Rakotondraparany – Antananarivo University, Madagascar

Dr Osvaldo Eric  Ramires-Bravo – Universidad de America, Puebla, Mexico

Dr Neil Reid – Queens University Belfast, UK

Dario Rivera – University of Queensland, Australia

Dr Steve Rossiter – Queen Mary University of London, UK

Dr Adrian Seymour – Independent wildlife film maker, UK

Dr Myron Shekelle – National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr Andrew Smith – Anglia Ruskin University, UK

Dr Kym Snarr – University of Toronto, Canada

Dr Peter Taylor – University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Professor Stewart Thompson – Oxford Brookes University, UK

Dr David Tosh – Queens University Belfast, UK

Jeremy Truscott – Sheffield Biodiversity Steering Group, UK

Ivar Vleut – UNAM, Mexico

Dr Phil Wheeler – University of Hull, UK

Dr C.B Wood – Providence College, USA

Dr Anne Zeller – University of Waterloo, Canada

Heike Zitzer – Pongola Elephant Reserve, South Africa


Fisheries Scientists

Dr Dan Exton – Operation Wallacea, UK

Dr Dave Bird – University of Western England, UK

Irven Forbes – Environment Agency, UK

Dr Emmanuel Frimpong – Virginia Polytechnic, USA

Professor Tim Gray – Newcastle University, UK

Dr Peter Henderson – University of Oxford, UK

Piotr Kalinowski – Fisheries consultant, UK

Dr Duncan May – Fisheries consultant, UK

Joel Rice – Fisheries consultant, USA

Dr Rodney Rountree – University of Connecticut, USA

Professor Michael Stewart – Troy University, USA

Professor George Turner, Bangor University, UK

Dr Jason Vokoun – University of Connecticut, USA

Paul Simonin – Cornell University, USA


GIS and Statistical Analysis

Dr Peter Long – University of Oxford, UK

Joe Bailey, University of Nottingham, UK

Dr Craig Beech – Peace Parks Foundation, South Africa

Jesse Blits – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oliver Burdekin – BurdGIS, Ecuador

Dr Natalie Cooper – Havard University, USA

Dr Bella Davies – Oxford Brookes University, UK

Dr Richard Field – University of Nottingham, UK

Dr Fiona Hemsley Flint – University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr Alan Jones – University of Sheffield, UK

Dr Marco Lusquinos – Imperial College London, UK

Cristi Malos – Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

Dr Gareth Mann – Rhodes University, South Africa

Dr Lisa Manne – CUNY, USA

Dr Peter Randerson – Cardiff University, UK

Dr Eimear Rooney – Queens University Belfast, UK

Dr Allister Smith – Oxford Brookes University, UK

Dr Emily Woollen – University of Edinburgh, UK

Professor Kathy Willis – University of Oxford, UK