Malta and Italy Office Contacts

Mediterranean Office Manager: Nathan Adams


Nathan joined his first Operation Wallacea expedition to Indonesia as a Research Assistant in 2011.  Since then, he has returned to the Indonesia site on several occasions as a bat scientist.  He is currently co-authoring scientific papers focused on the lowland rainforest bat communities of Buton Island.  His undergraduate thesis focused on a novel approach towards the identification of illegal water abstraction of Maltese groundwater.  He is presently reading for his Masters degree in Environmental Science as a Rotarian Scholar at the University of Toronto.  Passionate about his job, Nathan aims to motivate young Maltese scientists to join Operation Wallacea expeditions because they provide students with the life-changing opportunity to apply their school/university course material at biological hotspots across the world.


Biodiversity Research Presenter and Schools Advisor: Sqn Ldr Mick Wright


Sqn Ldr Mick Wright BSc(Hons) CBiol FSB was Head of Biology and held other senior positions at a series of schools until his recent retirement from Radley College, one of the UK’s top independent schools. Mick is a widely travelled biologist who has lived and worked in Africa as well as teaching in the UK.  Mick became involved with Operation Wallacea as a staff member at our Honduras site in 2013. He is now looking forward to working with Schools in Malta, Italy, Israel and Croatia as part of the Mediterranean office.