Feedback from Research Assistants - Operation Wallacea

Feedback from Research Assistants

A small selection of the feedback from Operation Wallacea students.


It has inspired me to pursue this sort of research in the future. Cuba and its people are incredibly welcoming and I can’t wait to come back!
James Rimmer, St Andrews University, UK; Research Assistant, Cuba Expedition

Incredible experience with incredible people! So much to see and to learn! 10/10 would recommend!
Kailee Scott, University of Guelph, Canada; Research Assistant, Cuba expedition

Life changing trip, I don’t want it to end
Csilla Vasarhelyi, Vancouver Island University, Canada; Research Assistant, Cuba expedition 


First class scientific staff who were very enthusiastic and interactive with the students. I know that all of our students will have taken away a great deal from the expedition, especially field science in action, but also from the local guides and boatmen and women from Surama.
Stan Lampard, King Edwards VI School for Boys, UK: Teacher, Guyana Expedition

Really impressed at every stage. The science programme was of the highest quality. I was really inspired by the knowledge and skills of the supervisors and the thoroughness of the organisation. It couldn’t have better – I loved every second and can’t wait to come back.
Sahil Deepak, King Edwards VI School for Boys, UK:Student, Guyana Expedition


The trip has been a wonderful adventure. I’ve done so much, learnt so many things and met so many interesting people. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!
Maria Zicos, University of St Andrews, Research Assistant, Honduras Expedition

Excellent experience, broadened my horizons and learnt a great deal about reef ecology of the Utilan Islands.
William Hutchinson, Research Assistant, Swansea University, Honduras Expedition

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and feel like I gained a lot of tangible and intangible knowledge that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
Marnie Jakab, Research Assistant, University of Guelph, Honduras Expedition

Infinite amount learnt, would not trade the experience for anything in the world. Will definitely do it again. The experience of a lifetime!
Maria Gauci, Pre-med Student, Napier University, Honduras Expedition

Assisting scientists with their research in the jungle and being able to interact with the locals makes you realise your contribution to conservation and inspire you to future adventures!
Manuel Loeffler, Edinburgh University; Research Assistant, Honduras Expedition


You come for one reason, but want to stay for another. I was most profoundly affected by the knowledge I learnt outside the traditional learning environments.
Natalia Paine Harvard University; Research Assistant, Indonesia Expedition

The ability to open doors and do research is the largest reward found here on Hoga. Being an undergraduate does not hinder you but instead allows an absorption of knowledge parallel to nowhere else
Travis Fuchs, McMaster University, Canada; Research Assistant, Indonesia Expedition

Tremendous, this trip clarified for me what I want to do for my Masters and inspired me to pursue a career in conservation within herpetology. Opwall scientists are amazing role models.
Josh Twining, Birmingham University; Research Assistant, Indonesia Expedition


An amazing experience – totally unique animals, people, habitats and opportunities to handle and learn about critically endangered animals.
Fiona Bakke, Aberdeen University, UK; Research Assistant, Madagascar expedition

Once in a lifetime opportunity, an amazing experience helping with conservation projects
Maria Blyth, University of Stirling, UK; Research Assistant, Madagascar expedition

A great way to experience the culture and wildlife of the country, whilst meeting great new people along the way
Olive Haigh, Bournemouth University, UK; Research Assistant, Madagascar expedition

I loved every moment and feel more prepared for my dissertation next year due to the scientific knowledge gained.
Anton Stephan, Southampton University, UK; Research Assistant, Madagascar expedition


Mexico is such an amazing place, the biodiversity is incredible and the teaching is exceptional. I learnt more about myself as a person, the overall experience has been life changing, so glad I embarked on this adventure.
Rebecca Maguire, Liverpool John Moores, UK; Research assistant, Mexico expedition

The quality of the science programme was excellent. Lectures were well planned and laid out and the content was good. We were fully involved in all transect work and the experience gained was brilliant. Mexico’s fabulously diverse culture and biological riches are immediately obvious in Calakmul. This expedition allows for conservation management in the most unique of settings. One can glimpse endemic species whilst exploring a forgotten ancient world but without the tourists!
Frances Lucy Baxter, University of Liverpool; Research Assistant, Mexico Expedition

My time with Opwall has been so much more than I expected and I have learnt so much. It is an eye opening experience into the world of real scientific data collection but my time here has allowed me to grow as a person, make friends with so many amazing people and experience real jungle life.
Megan Chitty, University of Birmingham, UK;Research Assistant, Mexico expedition

Fantastic staff with an impressive amount of knowledge and teaching abilities
Arron Mallory, Bournemouth University, UK; Research assistant, Mexico expedition


Amazing experience. There is something magical about waking up early in the morning and hearing Howler monkeys, insects and macaws, as apposed to cars and planes and seeing trees instead of concrete. A fantastic learning and personal experience. Opwall takes the Amazon and presents it to you in a unique and interactive way
Samantha Shani Patek, Reading University, UK; Research Assistant, Peru Expedition

A unique and exciting way to experience a new country!
Laura Desaunoy, University of Calgary, Canada; Research Assistant, Peru expedition

The best experience of my life! You will fall in love with the place! I’m going again next year!
Roxane Dunbar, South Devon College, Plymouth University, UK; Research Assistant, Peru Expedition

South Africa

I wish I could eloquently construct a phrase that would capture everything that this trip has meant to me, but I guess I would just have to say it has been nothing short of incredible and I truly admire the work you are doing here and wish you all the best in your endeavours.
Chelsea Mora, University of Connecticut; Research Assistant, South Africa Expedition

My Opwall experience opened my eyes to a world of research and my heart to a level of love for nature that I didn’t know was possible!
Kayla Mann, University of New Brunswick, Research Assistant, South Africa Expedition