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Dates and Prices

The costs of the expeditions are the same for each country as listed below. These costs include all the food, accommodation, £1 million medical and evacuation insurance cover, participation in the survey programme, training courses such as jungle training and forest ecology, dive training to PADI Open Water, medical and safety cover and transfers around the projects from the start point to end point of each expedition. Guyana 1


Expedition length Price in UK £ Price in US $ Price in Can $
 2 weeks  1,225  1,900  2,150
 4 weeks  2,250  3,375  4,100
 6 weeks  2,997  4,500  5,400
 8 weeks  3,950  5,925  7,100

Note you need to pay in the currency of your resident country if that is £ sterling, US$ or Can$. If it is none of these currencies then you need to pay in US$, with the exception of the Republic of Ireland and other European countries who can pay in £ sterling.


Fundraising is a great way to make some money towards your expedition, as most of our students are not able to pay for their expedition independently. We therefore will provide fundraising support for our volunteers. With planning and assistance from Opwall’s fundraising team you should be able to raise a large portion of the funds needed to join, like many of our volunteers have done in the past. We will provide advice and support for many fundraising events and activities including:

  • Assistance with accessing hundreds of charities and applying for grant funding.
  • How to run sponsored activities.
  • Details of tried and tested fundraising events and how to make the most from them.

Be sure to check out our fundraising advice page for more details.

What is not included

The main additional cost is the cost of international travel and in-country transfers getting to and from the expedition sites. This varies depending on which country you are travelling from and which expedition you wish to join.

Once at the expedition site virtually everything is included in the expedition price except for:

  • Costs of flights and transport to and from the start and finish points of each expedition
  • Accommodation and food costs before or after the expedition start and end dates
  • Transfers between forest and marine sites in Madagascar and South Africa
  • Additional insurance cover beyond the £1 million expedition medical and evacuation insurance cover provided by Opwall
  • Costs of additional elective training (e.g. canopy access course, dive training beyond PADI Open Water)
  • Dive equipment rental
  • PIC cards and PADI training Manuals
  • Local taxes
  • Park or Reserve entrance fees
  • Visa costs
  • Vaccination or prophylactic medicine costs

The money and travel information pages on the Opwall website for each country will detail any additional costs but these are not substantial in any of the countries.

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