Examples - Operation Wallacea


Here are some past research titles which should give you an indication of the breadth and depth of IRPs.

‘Management of Lionfish populations in Cuba.’

‘How does inter species competition and environmental changes affect the populations of the different species of caiman in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve?’

‘Comparing how habitat varies on a spatial scale across cloud forest in Cusuco National Park in Honduras.’

 To what extent will the lionfish (Pterois volitan and Pterois miles) invasion impact the environment of the Utilian coral reef communities and evaluate current management strategies applied in Utila.’

‘What effects do different disturbance levels, both human and abiotic disturbance, have on bird abundance and species richness on the Buton Island? ‘

‘What differences and similarities can be found between primary and secondary rainforests and what may be the causes?
Which forest type has the biggest conservation value? ‘

‘How does the establishment of REDD+ scheme in Cusuco National Park (Honduras) affect the conservation of biodiversity and the communities living within and around the national park?’