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Republic of Ireland

Enhanced understanding of the syllabus and opportunities in the Transition Year experience

Biology is one of the most popular Science Leaving Certificate subject and studied by over 50% of Senior Cycle (Timthriall Sinsearach) candidates. Geography is also very popular and a significant amount of what is being learnt for both subjects can be experienced first-hand whilst on an expedition and the Opwall office can show you which topics are covered in an OpWall expedition. Students will experience these topics when they become involved in collecting data, observing scientists at work and following a series of activity lectures and an appropriate course specific to each country.

Opportunities in the Transition (Idirbhliain) Year

Most schools in the Republic of Ireland follow a ‘transition’ year and the main objective is – ‘to promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of pupils and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society’. Participating in an Opwall expedition would provide a wonderful opportunity to fulfill many of these objectives. The experience can also be combined with learning fundraising techniques, team building, long term planning, extended writing projects and contributing personally towards international conservation management.

Opwall staff would be pleased to discuss how you could integrate an expedition into your transition year.

University applications and interviews

One of the best uses of the expeditions is to enhance your application for university entry. In Ireland every potential university student has to complete their CAO entry form and within this ‘explain the relevance of their life/educational experience to their application and state their educational goals and objectives’ and this is quite often followed up by a university entrance interview. Many students will be able to relate their experiences gained on their expedition and this will be something that makes them stand out from other similarly qualified students.

Furthering Career Development

Opwall’s research expeditions provide an ideal opportunity for students to meet university academics and also, depending on the expedition, to work alongside university students doing degree courses of potential interest to them. These expedition provide an excellent way of making contacts and many of the students that have joined previous Opwall expeditions have then completed degrees in relevant subjects and gone on to careers in wildlife conservation or field research.