Botany projects

TR165 Plant indicator species of grasslands in Transylvania

(Start date 28 June)

Transylvania has some of the most species rich hay meadows and pastures in Europe with traditional management, low fertilizer input and low stocking rates. Fundatia ADEPT, Opwall’s partner in Romania, has with the help of some
experienced botanists, identified a guide of 30 plant species indicative of high conservation dry grasslands. What is not known is whether some of the indicators are more commonly associated with the highest value meadows or pastures and so act as ‘super indicators’. This can be judged by comparing the occurrence of each species against quality of habitat i.e. the total number of indicator species at a site. An association analysis of indicator species is also needed to identify which species tend to occur together (and so can be considered to be replicates of each other) and which are more unique. This study will be conducted at at least 12 sites already identified around 8 villages across the Natura 2000 site in Transylvania. Grassland surveys using these 30 indicator species were conducted at a series of sites around 8 villages within the Tarnava Mare region in 2014, 2015, 2016 and six of those villages in 2013, so there are existing data sets to compare against the survey data in 2017.

 Extended Project Summary