Feedback from Dissertation Students - Operation Wallacea

Feedback from Dissertation Students

A small selection of the feedback from Operation Wallacea students.


Victoria Mercier of Queen Mary University London got 86.8% for her project on crabs being infected with chytrid – one of the first examples of non-amphibian hosts.

I met so many amazing and interesting people in a breathtaking setting. A summer well spent!
Daniel Stobo, University of Glasgow; Dissertation Student, Honduras Expedition

Amazing experience! A lot of knowledgeable staff that you could learn lots from. Love the hands on stuff!
Christine Munro, McMaster University; Dissertation Student, Honduras Expedition


Couldn’t have enjoyed myself more. The other students and staff are all great. I have learnt so much about my project, leaving me well equipped and excited about my dissertation write up.  
Amy Dixon, Southampton University, UK; Dissertation student, Indonesia Expedition

I found my time on Hoga to be most rewarding. Assistance from the Opwall staff with regards to my dissertation work was professional and strengthened my data.
Michelle de Beer, Lund University, Sweden: Dissertation Student, Indonesia Expedition

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience, supervisor support and enthusiasm were tip top.
Sarah Emerson,Dissertation Student, Northumbria University,UK: Indonesia Expedition


The best six weeks of my life. I had so much fun and learnt more than I’d ever imagined. A life changing experience I will never forget.
Faith Jordan, Dissertation student, Plymouth University, UK; Madagascar expedition

Research in the field is something I plan to do beyond University so I am very grateful to have experienced it with excellent scientists and students.
Sinead Reynolds, University of Glasgow, UK; Dissertation Student, Madagascar Expedition

Brilliant, the guidance of the science staff was invaluable and will likely aid me through the remainder of my degree and any future academic prospects.
Robert Martin, Bangor University, UK; Dissertation Student, Madagascar Expedition

Exceeded all expectations, an opportunity not to be missed!
Hollie Poulter, University of Nottingham, UK; Dissertation Student, Madagascar Expedition

Madagascar is one of the most amazing ecosystems in the world and the chance to do first hand research here is unmissable.
Alex Howard, Dissertation student, University College London, UK; Madagascar expedition


Fantastic staff with an impressive amount of knowledge and teaching abilities
Arron Mallory, Bournemouth University, UK; Research assistant, Mexico expedition

Mexico is such an amazing place, the biodiversity is incredible and the teaching is exceptional. I learnt more about myself as a person, the overall experience has been life changing, so glad I embarked on this adventure.
Rebecca Maguire, Liverpool John Moores, UK; Research assistant, Mexico expedition

My time with Opwall has been so much more than I expected and I have learnt so much. It is an eye opening experience into the world of real scientific data collection but my time here has allowed me to grow as a person, make friends with so many amazing people and experience real jungle life
Megan Chitty, Research Assistant, University of Birmingham, UK; Mexico expedition

Refined so many skills I had learnt in University. It was awesome working with so many enthusiastic and knowledgeable scientists
Jessie Vogt, Research assistant, Grand Valley State University, UK; Mexico expedition


Unforgettable experience- can’t describe how amazing it is and would definitely recommend to anyone
Charlotte Gibson, Northumbria University, UK; Dissertation Student, Peru Expedition

This has been the best time of my life, the entire experience has changed me. The animal diversity and friendliness of the people has been simply fantastic
Serena Applewhite, University of Keele, UK: Dissertation Student, Peru Expedition

South Africa

This trip more than exceeded my expectations and after being something that I’ve dreamt of doing for many years I didn’t think it was possible; life-changing.
Rhea Burton, Bangor University, UK; Dissertation Student, South Africa Expedition

Close encounters of the elephant kind are amazing and will keep me coming back to Africa.
Anna Ree, Concordia University college of Alberta, Canada; Dissertation Student, South Africa Expedition

The most amazing six weeks anyone could ask for. Great fun was had on an amazing reserve with outstanding rangers. So much learnt and so many amazing friends made. I cannot recommend this research program enough.
Eleanor Rendells, University of Southampton, UK; Dissertation Student, South Africa Expedition