Waiting List

Due to the popularity of certain projects combined with limited capacities, some of our expeditions do fill up much quicker than others. We do however operate a waiting list system for all full expeditions, where volunteers that are booked onto other projects get priority for slots that have opened up due to cancellations.

There is absolutely no guarantee that by being on the waiting list for a project means you may eventually get a place, but it is a possibility. The waiting list operates on a first come first served basis, and you do need to have an existing booking in order to be placed on the list.

If you’re interested in a full project, let us know at the time of booking when you complete the booking form by filling in the “alternative choices” box, asking to be placed on the waiting list. If a slot does open up that you are eligible for, we will then contact you.

Current expeditions with a waiting list:

Research assistant expeditions

Guyana Expedition 1

Indonesia Expedition 13

Madagascar Expedition 3

Mexico Expedition 2

Peru Expedition 4

South Africa Expedition 1


Dissertation Topics

HO100 Epiphytic lichen community surveys in Cusuco National Park

HO103 Aquatic invertebrate communities in tank bromeliads

HO105 Trophic ecology of snakes in Cusuco National Park

HO106 Prevalence of chytrid in amphibian populations within Cusuco

HO111 Ecology and behaviour of bats in tropical cloud forests, Honduras

HO112 Tracking the recovery of a keystone urchin species and its role in reef restoration

HO113 Managing the Caribbean lionfish invasion

HO116 Coral reef 3D complexity as a driver of ecosystem function and biodiversity

HO117 Designing an optimal monitoring strategy for Caribbean coral reefs using novel technological solutions

HO118 Physiology and behaviour of the long-spined sea urchin, a keystone Caribbean coral reef herbivore

HO119 The behaviour of invasive lionfish on Caribbean reefs

IN122 Functional ecology of coral reefs

IN124 Coral reefs and environmental change

IN126 Are mutualisitc relationships the norm?

IN130 Long-term changes in the community ecology of coral reefs

MA136 Niche separation and the impacts of disturbance on bird communities in the dry forest

MA137 Regional biogeography, ecology and behaviour of nocturnal lemurs in the dry deciduous forest of northwestern Madagascar

MA138 Species distribution modelling in Madagascar

MA139 Landscape ecology in Madagascar

MA140 Community ecology in Madagascar

ME146 Sea turtle nest site preferences and hatchling sex ratios

ME147 Effect of tourism on immature green turtle behaviour in Akumal Bay

ME148 Immature green turtle foraging behaviour and seagrass abundance in Akumal Bay

ME149 A comparison of pristine and degraded mangroves in Akumal and the impact of mangrove degradation on adjacent seagrasses and coral reefs

ME151 The conservation of and improvement of Caribbean coral reefs: Reef restoration through plantation of Acropora cervicornis