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Buy a PADI Pack

If you’re undertaking an expedition that has diving, and you’ve never dived before, you’ll need to purchase a PADI Pack. You can get these from our partners, Coral View Research, at the following links:

UK and International Volunteers (GBP)
North American Volunteers (USD)

The “Opwall PADI Pack” under the Opwall section of each of those websites contains the learning and registration materials necessary to learn to dive on expedition.

Please note: You do require both the learning materials and a PIC envelope. The PADI pack listed on the Coral View site does includes a PIC, but ones bought elsewhere frequently do not. The PIC is the registration document that enables you to actually receive the qualification once completed.

If you are doing a referral qualification prior to your expedition, some centres do not include the PIC with the learning material so they have to be bought separately. You can buy these standalone PICs through the Coral View website above.