Transylvania site facilities - Operation Wallacea

Expedition Information

Transylvania site facilities

This Opwall expedition gives students the chance to join a small team which will move from remote village to village across the region.  Each village is nestled in one of many valleys running north to south, and so, after completing surveys for a week in each village the team will trek up the side of the adjacent valley and down into the next one.  Luggage can be transported on oxcart or on a 4×4 vehicle, which is a relief given the strength of the Transylvanian sun during this time of year!

When in the villages teams will usually be staying in basic campsites where they can pitch their tents under the fruit trees, and where the water in the showers is heated by the sun each day.  Meals are locally prepared and the majority of the food on the expedition is baked, grown, or farmed in the same village in which it is consumed.  In some villages volunteers will be able to stay in local guesthouses, which gives a fantastic insight into the Saxon culture and traditions.

It should be noted that on this expedition almost all surveys are conducted on foot.  Volunteers can be out in the sun surveying the remote forests, meadows and grasslands for long periods of time each day, in addition to collecting more data during the evenings where possible, so it is helpful to have a reasonable level of fitness.