Money - Operation Wallacea

Expedition Information


What is covered by the expedition costs?
The expedition costs paid to Operation Wallacea cover virtually everything from the start point of the expedition to the finish point of the expedition. This includes all accommodation, food, transfers between sites, all on-site training courses, $1.5 million medical and evacuation insurance, academic supervision, provision of all the support and medical staff and participation in any of the research projects being offered. The whole science programme and subsequent reporting is supported by the expedition costs.

Travel, airport tax and visa costs
You are responsible for your own travel costs to and from the start and finish points of the expedition (see travel advice page).

If you are a UK, EU, US or Canadian citizen you do not need a visa to enter Romania so there are no visa costs. British citizens who enter Romania have the right to stay for a period of three months from the date of entry.

Money to bring with you
You will need enough spending money to cover personal on-site expenditure only. This may include snack and souvenir purchases made at local shops.

The Romanian currency is the Leu (RON), which can be ordered from good travel agents (Marks and Spencer and Post Office both offer Romanian currency online). The airport has several cashpoints to withdraw cash and so does Sighisoara which you will visit at the start of your expedition, but once into the Tarnava Mare you will not have access to an ATM, so the best policy is to bring sufficient cash for your stay.

Please also consider arranging a contingency fund to cover any emergencies, and check with your bank that your card will work in Romania.