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African Great Rift Valley Money



In Tanzania the currency is the Tanzanian Shillings (TZS) and there are approximately 2200 TZS to a US$ and 2900 TZS to a £. To get an accurate conversion rate have a look at currency exchange sites such as On arrival at Dar airport there are ATM machines that work for overseas credit and debit cards.

In Malawi the currency is the Kwacha (MWK) and there are approximately 700 MWK to the US$ and 1000 MWK to the £, but again look at currency exchange sites for up to date information. There is an ATM at the border although this isn’t always working, and there are a couple of opportunities to stop for cash on the way through to Nkhata Bay. There are also ATMs in Nkhata Bay town (about 25 minutes walk from where you will be staying).

If you are going to use your credit or debit cards in Malawi then please check that your bank has been notified that you will be travelling. The alternative is to carry some £ sterling or US$ with you and these are easy to exchange for local currency at the borders.

In Tanzania there is very little opportunity to spend money so you don’t need much cash. There is a small shop about 10 minutes walk from the school that sells snacks but that’s all. The equivalent of £10 or $15 for the time you are there will be more than enough. In Malawi there is more opportunity to spend local currency as there is a bar and a few shops where you can buy souvenirs. The equivalent of a few dollars per day should be more than enough, depending on how much you like to buy snacks (food and drink is included in the price paid for your expedition). You can withdraw local currency from an ATM whilst en-route to Malawi, or you can change US dollars or Tanzanian shillings at the site for a reasonable rate.

If you are diving or snorkelling and have your own dive equipment bring it with you, but if not there is equipment available to rent. You can rent either a snorkel kit – includes mask, snorkel, fins – or a full dive kit – includes mask, snorkel, fins, BCD, regulator. Weights and full dive tanks are provided free of charge for divers. The cost of the snorkel kit is £25 (US$38) per week, and the cost of the dive kit is £50 (US$75) per week. These rental costs are paid in advance.

You will need to carry US$125 with you to cover the costs of your visas on entry if you do not intend on getting your visa in advance ($50 for the Tanzanian visa, $75 for the Malawian visa).