African Great Rift Valley Facilities - Operation Wallacea

Expedition Information

African Great Rift Valley Facilities

Crater Lakes

Groups will be staying in dormitories in a school, a short walk from the beautiful Kisiba Lake. There are latrine squat toilets (separated at the school for students and staff) and jungle showers. The toilets are the ones that the local students use so they are basic but functional. The dormitories are in the middle of the school and so you will be living and working among the local students and teachers, who are always very friendly.

Living in a small Tanzanian rural community will give students the chance of learning about local agriculture and experience living in a different culture and community from their own.

Lake Malawi

The groups are based at the Mayoko Village Beach Lodge at Nkhata Bay on Lake Malawi. Accommodation here will be in shared rooms in buildings set on the steep shores of the lake with shared bathrooms and shower blocks. There is a dining room and rest areas and a fully equipped dive centre on site.


For the final part of the expedition the students will be staying in the Liwonde Safari Camp. Accommodation will be in thatched dormitories with separate toilet and shower blocks in the camp.

General conditions

The expeditions run in the dry season when there are usually clear and sunny days. Temperatures are likely to be 20 – 30 Celsius (65 – 85 Fahrenheit) and there may be wind some of the time making the climate fairly comfortable. At night the temperature is lower but it is still fairly warm. A lightweight jacket is recommended. There are not many biting insects in these areas at this time of the year, but there are some, so it is wise to cover your arms and legs particularly in the night time and early mornings.