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Mexico site facilities



Within the Biosphere reserve we use three main field camps, they are similar in their accommodation but their habitats are vastly different. In KM20, Hormiguero and Mancolona all participants sleep in tented accommodation, there are dry toilets and either running or bucket showers. There are areas for lectures, communal dining and data processing.

Dos Naciones is a little different, a much more remote camp, which offers the most intense jungle experience on the Mexican project. Accommodation here is in hammocks with integrated tarps and mosquito nets arranged around a campfire. There is a trench toilet and bucket shower system to avoid as much impact on the forest as possible.


Set away from the main town of Akumal, students stay in purpose built accomodation set in a pleasant forested area. They will sleep in bunk beds with dormitories spread across three floors. Rooms are shared with up to 14 people. Each dormitory has its own shower and toilet block. There is a communal eating area and lecture areas on each floor. From here there is a ten minute drive to and from teh beach each day. The dive training centre located at the beach.