Expedition Information

Facilities in Madagascar

Mahamavo forests
Expeditions in the Mahamavo forests will run from a base camp in Mariarano village, which will be permanently occupied during the field season. Accommodation is in tents next to a building converted for use as a small field laboratory with a library, computers running the biodiversity database and office, GIS, and statistics software. There are jungle showers and toilets in the camp.  The village is very friendly and living amongst this remote local community is a special experience.

There are two smaller field camps. Matsedroy and Antafiameva are used as bases for the surveys in the more remote parts of the forest. Students will stay in shared tents, bucket showers and field toilets with shared dining and lecture areas. Electricity is available for a short period in the evenings and during lectures.

Nosy Be
The marine section of the project will be based on a beach at Maradoka on the island of Nosy Be. This stretch of beach is in a very quiet part of the island, with only a few local houses in the immediate vicinity. Volunteers will be based in tents on the beach. There are toilet and fresh-water showers available, as well as an outside communal eating area where food will be served and lectures will be delivered.