Facilities in Guyana - Operation Wallacea

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Facilities in Guyana

Guyana has one of least disturbed forest ecosystems in the World. The population of Guyana is less than 1 million people mostly living on the northern coast. The only road to the interior and on into Brazil is a mud track. Visitors arrive at the international airport in Georgetown and then overnight before making the transfer to the Iwokrama Research Centre by bus. After 8 hours the bus arrives at the mighty Essequibo River and the crossing is done by raft. The Iwokrama Research Centre is just on the other side of the Essequibo.

The first 3 days of the expedition will be at the Iwokrama River Lodge on the bank of the Essequibo river. Accommodation is in dormitories with communal bathrooms. There is a well equipped research centre with a lecture room and restaurant overlooking the river. The rest of this expedition will be in remote field camps where accommodation will be in hammocks with bashas and integral mosquito nets. There are temporary field toilets and washing will be done in the rivers. During part of the surveys the group will be helping with a river based survey and living in hammocks in temporary overnight camps. This is the most remote and toughest of all the expeditions but probably the one with the best sightings of forest based animals.

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