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Fiji site facilities

The following page is designed to give you an insight into the types of environment you will be working in whilst you are with Operation Wallacea. This should help you choose what you need to bring, and may also assist you in deciding which projects to participate in. The first two nights will be spent in a homestay in a Fijian village but the rest of the first week will be in a forest camp. The camp is set up with tents on platforms and shaded by tarpaulians.  There are mattresses inside each tent and they are fairly comfortable.  There is a shower and flushing toilet block and communal eating areas. The experience of living and working in this camp was one of the highlights for many people on the 2017 expeditions.

The Natewa Bay Marine Research centre where the students will be based for the second week has tented accommodation, showers and flush toilets and is a fully equipped dive training centre.