Croatia Facilities - Operation Wallacea

Expedition Information

Croatia Facilities

Krka Research Base (Puljane) at Krka National Park
In the Krka National Park students  will stay in newly built research accommodation in shared rooms. The Krka research centre where the teams will be based in their first week, is located about 1 hour drive from the Split town. It is situated next to the Krka river which can be seen from the dining area in the centre. There is a separate lecture room, open air auditorium and restaurant on site all with spectacular views over the river gorge. Food is prepared by local cooks. You will need to bring your own bed sheet/sleeping bag and towels. Bathroom facilities with running water (usually cold) and flush toilets are provided. There are charging facilities available with European power sockets.

Mljet Research Centre on Mljet Island
For the second week the teams will be based on Mljet Island. The teams will be accommodated in the research facility base located on shore, sharing rooms of 3 – 4 bunk beds and communal bathroom facilities. There are showers (3 inside, 3 outside) and toilets on site and the site is fully equipped for diving including a small research boat. There are charging facilities with European plug sockets and limited WiFi. Food is prepared by local cooks.

General Conditions
Croatia will be hot during the June/July/August period, with temperatures in the day usually between 25 and 35 degrees centigrade, and only dropping to around 20 at night. Mosquitoes and biting insects can be a problem in the evenings and early mornings, so volunteers should wear long sleeves/insect repellent at these times of the day.