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Australia & Southeast Asia Office Contacts

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Who’s who at Operation Wallacea SE Asia and Australia

Mohini Johnson – SE Asia & Australia Regional Manager

Mo first joined Operation Wallacea in 2003 when she completed her undergraduate dissertation on the effects of selective logging in the Buton forests of Indonesia, while studying for her BSc in Environmental Science at Lancaster University. Since then she has worked for the Opwall marketing team in the USA and the UK, and also out in the field in Indonesia. She developed a passion for Indonesia from the minute she set foot in this beautiful country and after her first Opwall expedition she never really left (except to finish her degree and when she HAD to!) She now lives in Indonesia full time with her husband, Imin, and thier son (Nimai), and has spent the last few years working on social and community projects, with local NGOs, and also managing a dive resort. She  joined the Opwall team again full time in 2012 as the regional manager of the SE Asia Office, and  together with Imin she runs the Opwall Buton Marine Research programme which started in 2013. In 2014 the SE Asia Office and Australia office merged and Mo now oversees both regions.


Imin – Buton Marine Site Dive Operations Manager

Imin is a PADI Dive Instructor with an endless amount of enthusiasm for diving and all things that can be found underwater. He started working for Opwall on the Hoga Marine Research base as a PADI Divemaster in 2006, and has since worked as the Bintang Liveaboard Manager carrying out sea mammal surveys and reef checks and as a PADI Dive Instructor. He has also been running his own dive business for the past few years, and is a pioneer in the dive industry in the rarely visited and remote area of Buton Island. He enjoys going out to discover new dive sites whenever he gets a chance, and is passionate about working with local stakeholders to find new ways to conserve the reefs of the area. He enjoys his role in the Opwall SE Asia & Australia office, especially all the traveling when Mo, Imin and Nimai go on the road to visit schools across SE Asia and Australia.