Canada Office Contacts - Operation Wallacea

Canada Office Contacts

The main Operation Wallacea office in North America is located in Canada, where there is an office in Whitby, Ontario, run by Justin & Danielle Hines. Between them the Canadian team have run Opwall expeditions in Peru, South Africa, Mozambique, Cuba and Honduras.

Operation Wallacea
PO Box 43
L1N 5R7

Tel: +1 (905) 231-2095
Fax: +1 (905) 231-3373

E-mail: or

Who’s who at Operation Wallacea Canada

Director of Operations – Canada: Dr Justin Hines
Justin has a PhD in Anthropology (Primatology), is fluent in Spanish after spending several years working in Central America, and has run Op Wall expeditions in Honduras, Peru, Cuba, South Africa and Mozambique. He is addicted to Honduran Pizza Hut and spends as much time as possible high in the canopy Honduras, floating down the Amazon River in Peru, diving with sharks in Mozambique or searching for black coral on deep walls in Cuba .  His endless enthusiasm and drive ensures that he is a key ingredient of any project that he joins.  Justin is currently lecturing in Universities and Colleges around Canada, where he is able to share his Opwall experiences and explain to students how they can go about getting involved.

Director of Marketing – Canada: Danielle Hines
Danielle’s degree in Management and Economics from U of Toronto is a little different from most of the Op Wallers backgrounds to say the least!  She has worked for Op Wall for 9 years in various positions including finance/budgeting and management, and has had the fortune of doing so in Peru, South Africa, Mozambique, Cuba and Honduras. When offered the opportunity to open a Canadian Op Wall Office, Danielle and her husband Justin jumped at the chance. Running the Canadian office has given her the chance to get to know many parents of volunteers taking them through how their children WILL survive the expedition.

University and Schools Advisor – Stephanie Blair
Stephanie began working with Opwall as part of her Master of Environmental Science program at the University of Toronto. She started her internship in the summer of 2014, where she worked in Cusuco National Park of Honduras as part of the Habitat Team. Before Opwall, Stephanie graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, specializing in Environmental Biology and Ecology. Although her Masters program was more so directed towards environmental assessment and consulting, her passion for conservation and ecology could not be extinguished! She jumped at the opportunity to spend her summer with Opwall in Honduras and take her passion for the outdoors and camping to a new level. She is now working in the Canadian office as a University and Schools Advisor and is looking forward to her next expedition!